ESD Middle School Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy

The School strongly encourages students to label all uniform items to aid the School in returning lost items. Students who are out of uniform, or exhibit a pattern of disrespecting the community norms for dress and appearance, will be subject to corrective measures. Students are to wear the school uniform correctly throughout the school day. Mills Uniform Company is the official uniform supplier for ESD.

White Shirt

White oxford button-down; clean, tucked in with waistband visible and appropriately sized with all but the top button buttoned.

Navy Blazer

Must be worn on all formal uniform days, including Eucharist, and other days as specified. Blazers should fit and be in good condition.


Dress shoes in brown, tan, or black; athletic shoes that are all black or all white; saddle oxford shoes in navy or white & black. Shoes must be in good condition with enclosed toe and heel, heel may not exceed 1.0” in height.


Solid white crewneck. Undergarments may not have logos or colors that are visible through the uniform.

Gray Slacks

Dress slacks to be worn with a dark belt.

Gray Shorts

Knee-length dress shorts; not permitted on formal dress days.


Navy-green-gold ESD plaid. Appropriate knee length (less than 4” above the top of the knee in the front and less than 4” above the crease of the knee in the back).


Solid white or navy, small logo acceptable; sock must completely cover the ankle bone at all times.


ESD school tie (top button of oxford shirt must remain buttoned at all times). Students wearing gray dress pants must wear a tie on formal dress days.


Solid brown or black belt to be worn at all times with shorts or pants; no large or distracting belt buckles and no logos.


Appropriate and simple.


Tights must be solid weave and in good condition without rips, holes, or sheer. Tights must be solid navy, black, or white in color. No sweatpants or long underwear under skirt.


Weather dependent: two navy gym shorts; two gray ESD gym t-shirts; one set gray sweats - top & bottom; one pair athletic shoes. Athletic clothes may be purchased in the Eagle’s Nest.


Hats are not permitted inside the school building during the school day. ESD scarves and white or navy scarves are allowed on non-formal uniform days.


Clean, well-groomed, and not covering the eyes. No unnatural hair dye colors permitted. No facial hair is permitted.

Navy Sweater (optional)

Solid navy cardigan, pullover, crew, or v-neck without logo (monogram permitted). On formal days, sweater must be worn under blazer.

Navy Sweatshirt (optional)

Solid navy sweatshirt or fleece (ESD logo or no logo); regular dress days; monogram permitted if 2” or less in size.

Coats (optional)

Navy ESD jackets or plain navy jackets may be worn both inside and outside on regular uniform days. Non-uniform coats may be worn outside but must be removed in the building.

Formal Uniforms

Every Wednesday, and on other days throughout the year, students are required to be in formal uniforms. All students wear a blazer, accompanied by a school tie with gray dress pants, or a blazer with a skirt. On a day designated as a formal uniform day, students are required to be in formal uniform for the entire day.

Casual Dress or Spirit Days

On approved casual dress or spirit days, students may wear casual, modest attire. Good taste and discretion should be used in the choice of clothing. Students dressed inappropriately may be asked to change or sent home.

  • Clothing should be free of rips or holes.
  • T-shirts may not have inappropriate logos, text, or images.
  • Shorts, dresses, and skirts should be the regulation length (four inches above the back of the knee).
  • Leggings with no sheer material may be worn, provided that the shirt extends to the thighs.
  • Tops should cover the entire middle torso, shoulder to waist and should not be longer than shorts or skirt worn.
  • Tank tops and bare midriffs are not allowed.
  • Undergarments (including camisoles) should not be seen.
  • Pajamas, slippers, and hats are not permitted unless the spirit theme calls for them.

Medically Necessary Uniform Modifications

The School wishes to assist students with medical conditions and allows for some uniform policy modifications for medical conditions. To do this, the School requires a note from the attending physician to be kept on file in the Health Service Office that states the reason for the requested modification and the time span for which the modification is necessary. While we allow these modifications, we do require that the student and parents make a reasonable effort to see that the modifications are in keeping with our policies. For example: if a student’s arm is broken and cannot fit in the student’s blazer, the student will be given an exemption until the cast is taken off.